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As our intention is the continuous improvement of the QMS implemented in GOSIMAT within the framework of the Design, Development, Manufacturing and Commercialization for Resale of mechanisms for Manual Systems of Interior Sliding Doors, the Management has the following commitments:


New Infrastructures:
- Opening of the new industrial pavilion, increasing the productive and storage capacity of raw materials in the areas of pocket frames and systems for sliding doors Openspace, carpentry, transformation of doors and doorframes and coatings, giving employees better working conditions.

New Equipment:
-  Acquisition of new and specialized machinery for the carpentry section;
-  Acquisition of software to support the design of the furniture;
- Acquisition of software to support the management of dispatch, inventory and control of reception of goods;
- Acquisition of production control software for all the sections.


Develop an export-oriented trade strategy aimed at:

- Invest on dissemination means that can promote, at an international level, Gosimat's image and notoriety, as well as its brands and products;
- Increase the sales volume in a sustainable and progressive way, searching for new business partners;
- Invest on an internal competences development, directed to the service and support of the international markets.


More effective communication:

- Development and implementation of a new website, more modern and interactive, including a CUSTOMER AREA with restricted information, providing clients and employees a better accessibility to the general information about the company and its products;
- Increase the company's media and brands, such as: social networks, catalogs and brochures, technical and institutional videos and specialty press;
- Increase the frequency of communication with all customers, suppliers and business partners;
- Renovation of products exposed in the Showroom;
- Increase the notoriety and recognition of Gosimat and its products. 
- Creation of promotional materials to promote products and brands for our customers.

Increase customer satisfaction:

- Shorter delivery times, through an increase in efficiency of production;
- Implement more effective mechanisms in terms of service, support and handling of eventual client complaints, reducing response times;
- Provide a personalized service to all clients, guaranteeing their satisfaction and loyalty. 

Improving the quality control: 
- Implement more effective mechanisms in terms of quality control in the fabrication process, controlling and reducing potential failures that might prejudice the client satisfaction. 

Improving guarantee and security conditions: 
- Produce and commercialize products, properly homologated by the competent entities, that respect and meet the applicable national and international standards and regulations, guaranteeing a good price/quality ratio and security conditions;
- Develop manuals for installation/application and technical information for all products.

Increase internal motivation and improving leadership:
- Implement mechanisms that promote motivation and that can improve employee’s performance;
- Promote proximity and team spirit amongst all employees;
- Promote good working conditions, job stability and security;
- Create a team of leaders that are constantly in searching to increase process efficiency and a good relationship amongst all. 

More professional training:

- Provide Gosimat's employees with appropriated training actions in several areas of interest;
- Develop training actions for the section leaders in order to increase the sense of leadership and strengthen team management and the good relationship among all;
- Provide adequate training in various areas of interest to GOSIMAT employees.

Demand a greater performance.
-  Implement strict and selective mechanisms in terms of supplier evaluation;
- Provide, together with the suppliers, technical and commercial training about the products. 


- Increase process efficiency;
- Reduce the non-conformities;
- Plan and verify transversely;
- Improve internal communication.

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